Thursday, 27 June 2013

Just claiming my blog ...

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not sure what this is all about, but I know this is my blog, not someone elses, lol! xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Friday (& Saturday) Night Sewing

Phew!  Well, the unit I was stressing over is finally done and dusted ... and I've passed.  Not with flying colours ... barely scraped by in comparison to some of my other units ... but I successfully passed and that's what matters!!  I'll post some photos of the things I was doing later in the week ... well, if I remember, lol!
Now it's on to the next one ... LOL!  Week Three begins on Monday :)
But anyhoo, I am not here to discuss my studies right now, I am here to say ... I have finished making all of my overdue swap blocks from ... *cringe* ... last year ...
Yes, I know.  Bad swapper ... I am trying to change that.

First step - complete all swap blocks from swaps last year.  And because I am so late, I ended up making two blocks for each partner instead of just the required one.

Last weekend I finished two stars in pastel florals for Chantelle S (top), and two blocks in orange & neutrals for Mary C (bottom).  These blocks all went in the mailbox last Tuesday.
Clockwise from top left: Another Nine Patch Star, Solomon's Star,
Starflower Block, and the inner 12" of Chainlinks
Last night, I got the cleaning done early, got chilli cooking in the slowcooker ...
Slow Cooker Chilli with Parmesan Encrusted Potatoes
set Miss L up with some sewing of her own (with which she did extreeeemely well - Mummy was super proud!!) ...

and then got started on the remaining overdue blocks.  Between Friday night and last night (Sat), I have finished the last four - purple stars for Deb A. and red 'Anvil' blocks on cream backgrounds for Encara V.
Clockwise from top left: Double Star Chain, Plaid Star, and two Anvil's. 
It feels SOOOOO good to get these all finished, and either sent or ready to be sent!  I now have only 3 remaining swaps to complete, two of which are current, and the other I am waiting to find out who I am to be swapping with.  I want to keep sewing right now, I almost don't want to go to bed!!
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