Saturday 24 December 2011

Best Wishes this Christmas Weekend

I've wished the best to a few so far, but to be honest, I actually wish you ALL the very best weekend!!

This is such a great opportunity to remember the magnificent gift our Grand Creator gave us ... The gift of relationship with Him through Christ, whom He sent us, over 2000 years ago. A man who lived a sinless life so that he might take on the sins of many, that all who believe in him might live in glorious harmony and community with Him who gave us life!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

To the rest of you ... I wish you a fantastic, as-less-stressful-as-possible, fun-filled, joyful weekend!!! Many blessings to you all!!

We'll be getting a few things prepared for lunch, before heading to church for the family service, then heading home to finish lunch preparations and enjoy a good meal with family, with presents and a relaxed afternoon and evening to cap off the day.

Hugs to all!!!

Oh, i'll be floating around the web less over the next week or so as I've under-estimated my data-usage and now need to restrict myself until about the 4th ... Not sure how i'll cope, though a lot of the people i follow seem to be planning to take this next week off, so i should be alright ... Wish me luck!!! Lol!!!

Sunday 18 December 2011

FNSI ... stitchery fun

I spent this last FNSI working on my TTS stitchery.

Since down south to spend Christmas with the grandparents (mine, mum's folks), I am without sewing machine access, which is quite frustrating!! Just having the access if I found the time during those assignments kept me going, but now without being able to use one is putting me a little on edge, lol. Oh well, at least I brought tons of stitching to do with me. I've also brought my trusty little rotary cutter and quilting ruler to allow me to cut my skow appliqué shapes out... But wouldn't you know it... I forgot my cutting board, Lol!!! Thankfully there is a LQS down the road about 5mins walk from where I'm staying, so I'll head up there tomorrow and get another along with some other goodies!! Lots of hand sewing in my immediate future...

Thursday 1 December 2011

My days....

Why isn't essay writing as successful, or even fruitful ... even as enjoyable, as doing stitcheries???
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