Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Been a while ...

... since I last posted :)

Last time I did, I was having a BLAST of a time at the Let's Get Stitched retreat in Adelaide.  It was officially the BEST weekend I have had in YEARS!!!!  I laughed so hard, I cried so very many times that I needn't have worried about working out if I'd even thought about it - the whole weekend was an ab workout & a half!!! Lol!
Most of us waiting for the bus for our quilt shops (3) and
 Handorf visits, Friday morning.
Finding FQs @ Cotton Stitches, Friday; working on our projects @ Sunday sew-in;
Designs from Sunday ... plus some yummy lollies to snack on!; Joy teaching her appliqué method.
@ Friday games night; Finding our seats @ Sunday sew-in;
Sunday sew-in setup; On the bus on Friday
If you want to know more, GailSue B and Teresa (here, *here* & here) all posted about the weekend so I won't bore you with the details *wink*.  Needless to say, I have every intention to get myself to the retreat next year being run in Melbourne in March (there is also a second one being run in New Zealand in October which I would love to go to, but I don't know that I will be able to make that one ... one day Michelle *wink*).

So, apart from this ... and the super massive load of uni I've been working on ... I have been able to manage getting a fair bit of hand-sewing and stitching done...

Finished putting together the "child's treasure box", designed by Judy.
This was the project I started at the LGS weekend.
I used Woodland fabrics, and gave it to my daughter ... can't half tell I missed her BAD!!
I finished the stitchery for the SKoW pincushion using a variegated pink thread
Stitchery finished for Red Book bag ... now just to needle-turn the hearts in the
top left-hand corner & make it into a bag.
And now I am working on finishing the needle turn on my SKoW shoes block.  I have gotten sucked back into Hart of Dixie, and so have downloaded most of the season 2 episodes available on iTunes (I have season 1 on dvd) and am working my way through those in the evenings while I stitch - that is, when I'm not trying to work on an assignment.  I am trying to get at least one episode worth (40mins) of stitching time in each night.

Before I go, here are some pictures I took while spending a little time with my (maternal) Granddad during my last evening in Adelaide (I had a late flight on Monday, so I spent the afternoon & early evening catching up with him with was lovely).  These are sugar flowers he found, while going through some cupboards, that my Granny (his wife) made many many years ago!  She was a very gifted cake decorator, making wedding and celebration cakes (for all occasions), and she must have made a whole bunch of extras that she tucked away to use .. and never did.  She has unfortunately not been able to do any of her crafts (she also did lots of sewing, quilting, knitting etc) for quite some time now, and it is nice to see her handiwork last all these years later ... even *if* they are sugar flowers that are so old that they are no good to be consumed *wink*!!  Some of these petals are just so delicate I would expect them to fall apart just by being touched - but they still don't!!!


Sue B said...

Great pics of that fun weekend that all that attended will never forget. Long term friendships were formed for sure.

Patchwork and Play said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time! Maybe I need to make plans for the melbourne one in 2014?!

Marilyn said...

Great to revisit the weekend through your photos, Larissa. Those sugar flowers are amazing, what a talent your Granny had to make those so beautifully and to last such a long time. Gorgeous stitching you've done too - catching up on the SAL projects.

Fiona said...

lots of crafty things happening... nothing like a weekend of fun to get the creative juices bubbling..

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