Sunday, 21 April 2013

Friday Night Sewing with Friends

The last two Friday nights I have enjoyed the delightful company of a group of sewists .. sewers (?) ... people-who-love-to-sew like myself, who all enjoy the company of others when getting their crafty on, all thanks to the darling Gail.  She decided to start up a FB page where we could all hang out each Friday night as we stitch/knit/sew to our hearts content, and for the last two Fridays (since it began), the fingers were flying - in more ways than one *wink*.
My set up each night: first week (top), last night (bottom).
The first week I began working on a table runner pattern I found on moda's bakeshop.  It's called 'Verna's Cutting Garden Tablerunner' by Julie Geiger.  I was able to get together the centre blocks, though I still haven't decided on the layout yet.  This is what I've come up with thus far; a lovely twist on the classic fencerail block.  I am using a charm pack of 'Eva' by Basic Grey for moda.

During the week, I was able to finish off the first 'Seasons of ...' block by Wendy B (and Dawn).  I did show a progress image last post, but here it is in all it's glory.  I decided on a chain stitch outlining the portions on the umbrella, and then a daisy chain stitch around the bottom to emphasise the 3D effect (and to give it an extra interesting & pretty finish) - the idea for which I got from an old post of Jenny of Elefantz.
A close up of the umbrella edging ...
And last night (Friday ... though as I write this the clock has already clicked over to Sunday...), I finished off my nineteenth SKoW block ... the cat.
Though I had almost completed the needle turn (excepting the name tag & nose) earlier in the week, I finished her off last night.  This leaves me with five blocks left to complete.

What are my next stitchery projects ... you know, since my WIP pencil case (yes, I still keep all my stitchery works in progress in a large A4 size pencil case ... one day I will get around to Fee's project bag!!)?!

I have the next two 'Season's of ...' blocks drawn up ...
And four TTS blocks.  The project for this month's SAL is the TTS 'Bon Noel' Wallhanging.  I haven't completely narrowed down which blocks I will be using, but I think I have it down to ...
... either of the 'right' designs on the left; the top left design in the middle; and the bottom left design on the right.  I have switched the angel & words around on the bottom left design in comparison to that in the book to even out the 'look' of the hanging.  I think this one will be going in either the glory or gift box.

Already I'm looking forward to next Friday ... but before then, I have two textiles projects to complete by Monday, a Art History assignment to finish, and another of each to begin before the week is out ... Boy is this week going to be a doozy!!!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Belated FNwF show & some other finishes

Last Friday was this month's FNwF (Friday Night with Friends) evening, and although I started late, I did manage to get a few items done.

I finished off (hand)sewing down the binding on the table runner I began earlier in the year as a thankyou gift for my daughter's childcare teacher from last year (yes, SUPER late, I know!)
Now all it needs is a wash & to make some 3D flowers to go on opposing corners ... or maybe I'll just skip the flowers and just give it to her like this (??... hmmm ...).  I took inspiration from some table runners that Rhianon (@ The Nifty Stitcher) made for Christmas gifts and shared on FB this past December.  Thankfully she was happy for me to do this as I adore the ones she made!!  The backing fabric is the same as the cream w/ blue flowers in the outer border.  

FMQing deets ... The white centre is divided into 8 squares, each quilted in a feathered design; the brown border has a loopy design with two different heights to the loops (1/2way & full); and the outer border has a continuous one-sided feather (using the brown border as the 'inner stem').

When this was finished, I completed the remaining stitching on my SKoW tree block.  Here is the finished block ...
Earlier in the week, I was also able to manage doing some sewing/stitching most days.  I finished off my SKoW shoe block (stitchery & needle turn) ...
The needleturned hearts on the Red Book Bag stitchery ...
** I am using Sarah Fielke fabrics for this bag in her 'Pond' range, currently available at Spotlight.  I have all the fabrics cut out for this bag now, ready to be put together; I just needed to get some Pellon yesterday, and I hope to have this finished and put together by the end of next week (I'm being realistic here, knowing how much uni I have to work on over the next few weeks!!)

And last night, I even managed to start working on one of the stitchery designs being shared by Wendy B & Dawn in their 'Seasons of" BOM.  This pattern was shared here, and the following two here.  The next one, I am expecting in the next few days *wink*.

I slightly adapted the seat ... hope that's okay Wendy? xx
So there you have it ... a roundup of my latest stitching sessions.  Now to go get some cleaning/sorting/organising & uni assignments/work done.  Enjoy your (Aussie) school holiday week!!
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