Sunday, 30 December 2012

SKoW progress @ 2012 EOY

Although I wish I could be “standing up there” with all the diligent ladies who’ve finished their SKoW quilt to at least their top, I am unfortunately *not* going to be one of them.  This past year has been an insane rollercoaster of heath issues, emotional fragility at times (aka apathy &/or depression), and a host of family and personal issues … leaving me lacking in the having-finished-my-SKoW-quilt department, despite my desire to have it completed.

At last update (beginning of November), I had … 

  • 7 blocks completed,
  • 7 prepped for needleturn,
  • the rest of the blocks’ background fabrics cut out along with their corresponding pieces of pellon,
  • and all my pattern templates & guides prepared for use.

Since then, I have been able to complete the needleturn on all prepped blocks, and finish the stitchery for five of these … with two (the ‘presents’ and ‘sun’ blocks) to complete.
** The stitching on the "hot chocolate block" is finished ... just a hiding in the shot! 
I am currently down in Adelaide for a couple of weeks holiday with my mum’s parents, so I am a touch restricted on the amount that I was able to bring down to work on while here … especially since I’ve started back in with my uni over this past month, with an assessment due yesterday (done), and an another (1500wd essay) due Friday coming … so I’ve had to be realistic on what I might be able to can achieve while down here.

As I have the full third & fourth rows to work on (plus one on either end row … sweet things pavlova, and chair wine & cheese), I decided to go with those in the third row (house, “gardening” flower garden, tree to sit under, and rainbow) and the ‘shoes’ block.  As I only had a half hour to collect everything together, I have also only gathered up the background pieces (already cut), and a collection of fabric choices (separated in little baggies) in addition to my small cutting mat, 14in ruler, rounds of threads and pencil case of cutters & pens.

I am determined to, at the very least, have the basic pieces on the blocks, and the needleturn begun … Dawn, can you guess what I’ll be working on @ the sewing group next Tuesday?!!! LOL!

I am determined that this will be my first “big” finish this coming year - and preferably in January … though, realistically probably in mid-February.

I am looking forward to seeing what Chooky has decided to select for the coming SAL.  I’m sure it will be perfect - and that I’ll probably join in ‘sidecar-style’ *wink* once this one is finished.  Thankyou Chooky for *ALL* you've done to encourage us along this project ... and thank you for deciding to continue the SAL - it really is inspiring to see everyones progress!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

2013 NewFo Challenge

2013 is shaping up to be quite different to the years previous.  My daughter will be going from 2 days of childcare, to 3 days of Preschool ... about 20 mins further away ... I will be increasing my study load to full-time, rather than part-time ... and I have decided that this will be the year that I will actually make some things for US.

While I enjoy making items for others - especially those I have been following prior to the swap - I have decided that it is about time that I make a few items for me, my daughter ... and maybe even some of the handmade gifts I've thought about making for friends, but just not had found the time to make.  This year I want to be able to make a quilt for both my daughter and myself ... and since I now have the skills to make them, I am hoping to get started on these now.

I decided to join in with Barbara's 2013 NewFo Challenge ... for those of us without a whole bunch of UFOs to work on ... and so, without further ado, these are some of the items I hope to start in the coming year ...

1.  "Once Upon a Time" by Melly & Me for my daughter.
I am not quite sure which fabric range I will be using in this one, but I have decided to start by working on the stitcheries first, and then finishing off each of the blocks once I've found the perfect fabrics.

2. Camille's "Swoon" by Thimble Blossoms.
This one I am making especially for me.  I've not yet decide which fabric range I am going to use in this quilt, but I have got it narrowed down to either my FQ bundle of Ruby (also by Camille), or Nine Dots fabric for Henry Glass.

3. Thought & Found's "Oh My Stars" quilt along from earlier this year (2012).
I'm not quite sure what fabrics I will be using in this quilt either, but I am thinking I'll be using either some brights or batiks.  I really enjoyed making one of the stars earlier this year for a block swap, and I'm looking forward to making the whole range - in all three fabric sizes!

4. The Farmer's Wife Sampler
I haven't yet purchased this pattern yet, but I decided earlier this year, after seeing several different versions of this quilt, in non-traditional fabric ranges I might add, I decided that I simply *must* make one of these quilts for my "glory box", lol!  I'm thinking either Marmalade or something similar in colour.

And lastly, I am also thinking of joining in with ...

5. Leah Day's "Express Your Love" wallhanging sew-along when she starts in later in January.
Gorgeous isn't it?!!  I'm not sure what fabrics I'll use, but I'll worry about that later in January, once my first assignment for this unit is finished, and once the SAL has started.

... On top of all these, I am determined to finish off my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt (by mid-January if possible!), finish off another AHQ I've had to work on for far too long (sorry Jan-Maree!!!) early in the year, make a few bags - Melly & Me's latest handbag pattern firstly, to replace my current (and falling apart) handbag - and make an effort to make at least one item to go into a handmade-gifts-for-Christmas box each month.

So big plans, have I ... and this is just my sewing plans for 2013 ... more on that to come *wink*.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Santa Sack Swap 2012 (part 1)

This year I was lucky enough to participate in Cheryll's Santa Sack Swap.  I remember seeing everyone posting about the sacks they received all through last year ... wishing I'd been able to join in the fun.  Well, this year was my year - yay!  

My partner was Ngaire of Up, Up & Away, and she sent me through this gorgeous sack - the colours, fabrics are gorgeous ... especially that delicious pale blue & white cord!!!

Over the last six months, Ngaire sent through several gifts at a time, beautifully wrapped in a combination of brown paper, fabric, doilies and thin red & white cord ...

Last week it was announced that the day we could open our sacks was Tuesday just gone.  Unfortunately for us, the last few days were quite busy and I wasn't able to find make the time to open them up.  As there was a gift included for my daughter, we I decided to open them up together (its more fun when you get to share it with an enthusiastic 4 year old!! *giggle*), and so we sat down and opened them up this afternoon.  
Lavender scented Moisturising Shower & Bath Gel
Lavender scented Wardrobe Sachets & "Fragrant Scent Sack"
Ah!  One of my favourite scents!!!  Always love me some lavender - really wish we could find a variety that grows well up here in the humidity!! ...

A gorgeous little photo/card album ... 2 x 3in pics will fit in here nicely!!
Gorgeous Memo Board Magnets ... SOOO cute!!  
A sweet little inspirational ___ with gorgeous quotes,
both biblical and not, to encourage me through my day
A gorgeous Baroque Address Book with matching pen.
A *GORGEOUS* 15cm plate.
Two candle holders ... they're actually supposed to go up
the other way according to my sister - for tea lights.  
Some yummy Macadamia Butter Shortbread ... already 1/2 consumed!!!  ;) 
A set of 3 delightful little knitted folk ornaments for the Christmas tree ... which is not yet up yet, lol! 
A set of cookie cutters which could be hung up on the tree if we add a ribbon tie
 ... and it didn't invite ants into the house - downside to living in the tropics!
A cute little Christmas felt pen ... which my daughter has already claimed ;)
A sweet little brooch ... she will probably also claim this one soon too, lol!
A roll of 5 x F8's (I believe) in Christmas fabrics by Moda ... gorgeous fabrics!!
Here they are, unrolled from the roll ;)
... the top white-based fabric has sweet deer all over it.
And a roll of sweet ribbon
... I'm going to have to find just the right pattern to use this in!!
She also included a beautiful table runner in bright fabrics ...  Not quite sure where I'll be placing this, but I *love* the fabric choices!!
Lol ... nearly as tall as the little person!! ;)
All of the items together ... Thankyou!!
And, because Ngaire included a gift for the little one ...

I'll include a rare photo of her ... she was mighty pleased with her gifts too!!

I need to thank Cheryll for allowing me to be a part of this fabulous swap!  I have enjoyed being a part of it, and hope to join in again next year!!
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