Friday, 21 December 2012

Santa Sack Swap 2012 (part 1)

This year I was lucky enough to participate in Cheryll's Santa Sack Swap.  I remember seeing everyone posting about the sacks they received all through last year ... wishing I'd been able to join in the fun.  Well, this year was my year - yay!  

My partner was Ngaire of Up, Up & Away, and she sent me through this gorgeous sack - the colours, fabrics are gorgeous ... especially that delicious pale blue & white cord!!!

Over the last six months, Ngaire sent through several gifts at a time, beautifully wrapped in a combination of brown paper, fabric, doilies and thin red & white cord ...

Last week it was announced that the day we could open our sacks was Tuesday just gone.  Unfortunately for us, the last few days were quite busy and I wasn't able to find make the time to open them up.  As there was a gift included for my daughter, we I decided to open them up together (its more fun when you get to share it with an enthusiastic 4 year old!! *giggle*), and so we sat down and opened them up this afternoon.  
Lavender scented Moisturising Shower & Bath Gel
Lavender scented Wardrobe Sachets & "Fragrant Scent Sack"
Ah!  One of my favourite scents!!!  Always love me some lavender - really wish we could find a variety that grows well up here in the humidity!! ...

A gorgeous little photo/card album ... 2 x 3in pics will fit in here nicely!!
Gorgeous Memo Board Magnets ... SOOO cute!!  
A sweet little inspirational ___ with gorgeous quotes,
both biblical and not, to encourage me through my day
A gorgeous Baroque Address Book with matching pen.
A *GORGEOUS* 15cm plate.
Two candle holders ... they're actually supposed to go up
the other way according to my sister - for tea lights.  
Some yummy Macadamia Butter Shortbread ... already 1/2 consumed!!!  ;) 
A set of 3 delightful little knitted folk ornaments for the Christmas tree ... which is not yet up yet, lol! 
A set of cookie cutters which could be hung up on the tree if we add a ribbon tie
 ... and it didn't invite ants into the house - downside to living in the tropics!
A cute little Christmas felt pen ... which my daughter has already claimed ;)
A sweet little brooch ... she will probably also claim this one soon too, lol!
A roll of 5 x F8's (I believe) in Christmas fabrics by Moda ... gorgeous fabrics!!
Here they are, unrolled from the roll ;)
... the top white-based fabric has sweet deer all over it.
And a roll of sweet ribbon
... I'm going to have to find just the right pattern to use this in!!
She also included a beautiful table runner in bright fabrics ...  Not quite sure where I'll be placing this, but I *love* the fabric choices!!
Lol ... nearly as tall as the little person!! ;)
All of the items together ... Thankyou!!
And, because Ngaire included a gift for the little one ...

I'll include a rare photo of her ... she was mighty pleased with her gifts too!!

I need to thank Cheryll for allowing me to be a part of this fabulous swap!  I have enjoyed being a part of it, and hope to join in again next year!!


Cheryll said...

What lovely gifts you received... and so thoughtful of Ngaire to include a special one for your daughter too!
Merry Christmas Larissa and DD too :)

Sisbabestitches said...

Oh absolutely gorgeous gifts, I was oohing and aahing all the way. And I agree with Cheryll, it was so special for your daughter to be included, and such lovely pressies :) Merry Christmas to you all!

Patchwork and Play said...

Such joy in your sweet daughter's face! All those gifts are wonderful! The ribbon and the knitted ornaments are my favourites!

Sue B said...

Such fun on opening all of those gifts, and lavender scents my favourite too. So sweet that your little one got a special gift too. Enjoy your Christmas day xx

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