Tuesday, 19 July 2011

15 minute challenge update: week 2

Well, this week I have once again done a really good job in doing at least 15 minutes of craft every day.  Keep in mind, times given are in approximations as I didn't actually make a record of how long I was working, thus the longer times given may have been either slightly shorter or longer.
- - - - - - - -
Tuesday: 3hrs crochet + cut out twenty seven 6in x 6in squares from three FQs for H2H quilt along with some 2.5in strips for binding from leftover FQ fabric.

Wednesday: 2hrs, cutting fabrics for H2H Quilt & began working on 1st quilt block

Thursday: 2hrs, H2H Quilt

Friday: no sewing, however I did a deep clean and re-organised my desk and sewing area as well as my bedroom

Saturday: 1hr, crochet

Sunday: 1hr sewing, finished off Christmas Block Swap for Leena 

Monday: 15-20mins, crochet

Tuesday (today): 1.5hrs (so far, doing more after posting...), 6in block swap blocks for Sue.
- - - - - - - - 
Hands2Hands Challenge: Pretty good, though the H2H blocks were frustrating me as a few of the FQs were not cut quite right, leaving some squares 1/8th inch smaller than needed which is, as you can imagine, making it quite difficult to ensure exact seams.  First block is nearly done - just one more seam to finish it off.

Block Swaps: I finally finished off the block for Leena, who has been been incredibly understanding of me.  It was officially in the mail Monday morning, so should arrive either tomorrow or Thursday.  I am just glad I kept in touch throughout it.  Sue's blocks will be in the mail tomorrow afternoon - one is finished and I am working on finishing the second after I finish writing this post!  

Tomorrow I need to finish making up the remaining blocks for the H2H quilt and put the top together so I can go in and get the batting and border/backing fabrics on Thurs (child-free day) to finish it next week - yes, I know I said I would try to do this last week, but this week I really need to get it done!  I also need to work on a few more blocks for swaps this week - Fiona, Gina this is you - and a mug rug for my partner Bobbie.  

I have linked this blog to this week's 15 minute Challenge post, as hosted by Kate @ Life in Pieces.  


Shay said...

Wow! You've been a lean mean crafting machine this week. Well done!

Kate said...

Wow 7 out of 7 days on projects, with lots of progress on multiple fronts. Congrats. Good luck with your plans for the next 7 days! Thanks for linking up this week.

Fiona@BubzRugz said...

Doing well Larissa.....

Sarah Craig said...

You've been such a busy girl, Larissa! Remember, you can always cut your blocks for the H2H quilt all down to the same size - 1/8 of an inch isn't going to make that much difference! I'm sure, though, whatever you do will look wonderful!

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Wow Larissa...you really rock!
I just read your "about me" section...don´t try to be a perfect Mom...it won´t work...just try to be yourself and you will do great!!

Marti said...

What a busy woman! I don't write down exact minutes either, just knowing I did at least 15 is good enough for me.

1/8 of an inch off doesn't sound like much until you think that seams are only 1/4.

I'm too much of a procrastinator to do block swaps but I enjoy looking at the ones other people make. You make it sound like fun.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

Great job! You're like me. I usually get way more than 15 minutes done.

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