Monday, 25 July 2011

I am In LOVE!! (...and WESI update)

As of 12:01 this morning, I have officially finished 6 out of 9 blocks needed for my H2H Quilt, excepting the horizontal sashings within 5 of them (not yet cut).  This is BIG!!  Before the weekend I had a grand total of ... ONE! Saturday saw me finish another one (long day outing with daughter and cousins) and yesterday I completed the other four.

Why the change of pace?

Well, for starters I am no longer taking the time to draw in my seam markers.

Secondly ... I got myself a 1/4in w/ Guide Presser Foot!!  YAY!!! *happy dance*


And I am officially in LOVE with it!

It is seriously making this SO much quicker!  And, in conjunction with my 1/4in ruler and (also new) finger presser, I am getting these blocks measured out (some are slightly - <1/8in - too small) and sewn so much quicker!!

I never realised just how much quicker these tools would make my sewing/piecing time!!  And with the finger presser, I don't need to have the iron on nearby while I am doing the squares - which makes it so much safer when I am doing it with my daughter nearby!!

So, 6 out of 9 blocks pretty well done.  3 all laid out to sew.  And then to cut the horizontal, then separating sashings ... I am hoping to have a full flimsy ready to show for tomorrow's 15min challenge update!!  And you can bet I have been up to way more than 15mins a day!!!

Oh, my FNSI didn't really pan out how I wanted it to - of course, lol!  We had a public holiday here on Friday as our local 'show' was on this past weekend, which meant that my parents were home - letting me sleep in!  Ah, I had a GOOD sleep-in ... certainly longer than I'd thought once I woke up (11am!).  I couldn't believe it!  Though, since DD woke up a few times overnight (and was quite grumpy about having to go back to sleep at 5am!) I relished the opportunity.  While I slept, DD had breakfast and was out in the garden with her grandparents!

((  She even worked out the frisbee on Friday - something we'd been working on on occasions over the week.  Yay!!  ))

So, after filling my day with lots of stuff Friday, that evening only saw me fix the bottom 'basket' from our pram.  It's a job that has been on the 'to do' list for a while now, it just didn't get done till now.  Basically, a few months ago I pulled the pram apart and washed everything in the machine, not realising that the boards in the bottom 'basket' (can't think of the correct term, but it's that place underneath the main part of the pram [where you put the child], where you can put store the stuff you'd otherwise have to carry) was cardboard.  Not good.  It was pulp by the time it came out.

I had to:
- unpick;
- remove afore mentioned pulp (and vaccum out!);
- cut out appropriate sized pieces of architects presentation board to provide required level-ness and structure to the bottom of the 'basket';
- insert boards into the correct slips of fabric; and
- sew up seams again.

If you can follow that - CONGRATULATIONS!!  Lol!

It took me about an hour, but by the time I finished this it was too late to get onto anything else.  I did however do a lot of sewing over the weekend, as previously mentioned, so hopefully this makes up for my pitiful FNSI (also why I named it WESI - WeekEnd Sew In!)

Anyway must go - gotta finish those blocks for tomorrow!  What did you get up to this weekend just gone?


Fiona@BubzRugz said...

So great you have got that foot for your machine now... there will be no stopping you.... excellent to get a sleep in.... yay for grandies....

Talin's Corner said...

I love my 1/4" foot. I have one for every sewing machine. I love tools!

Sarah Craig said...

Way to go, Larissa! You'll be a sewing demon with all those new notions!!

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