Sunday, 3 July 2011

WooHoo!!! Happy Dance!!!!

For those of you who read about my three-months-of-hell drawing unit (from March to May) which I really did not enjoy, mainly as I don't believe I have a natural drawing ability ....  My marks arrived.

Well, actually, my mark arrived.  For this unit the grade was an overall mark for the whole unit's work portfolio.  We had to send in a certain number of drawings done on certain studies throughout the unit and then at the end we finally get a grade - though admittedly they do send feedback on the first two submissions.

Anyways, tonight (it is 11:17pm here in Darwin currently) I decided to check out my email for that particular university (I am studying through various uni's depending on where the courses are via Open Universities Australia) even though I rarely do this, tending to prefer that everything just comes through the one email account as I know I will check this account at least once a day.

*hand flaps*

Ahh!  Okay, so here goes.  I was totally happy to just get a pass grade - after all that is all I need to pass the unit, right?!

Did I get a pass?        

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nope!

I got a High Distinction!!!!   

83%!!!  No Way!!!

As you can see I'm a little chuffed, lol!

I'll leave you with my head study (previously shown) of a 'young woman' ... my darling cousin.  (The tutor said "this last work is quite special" !!!! )


Patchwork and Play said...

Well done you!! I've never received a high distinction in ANYTHING!! Congratulations- that's fantastic!

Linda said...

Congratulations!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

Fiona@BubzRugz said...

Well done Larisssa.. that's fantastic..... a great mark for all your hard work...

Sarah Craig said...

Way to go, Larissa!!! Whoop whoop!!

Melody said...

Well done. What a fantastic mark.

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