Sunday, 18 March 2012

March FNSI Results

** Edit: This is also my entry for this month's FMQing challenge ... I have done another square since, with all of the patterns, but this is my favourite pattern ... I didn't really like them when I was drawing them (too messy), but this was definitely my favourite ... Also, my camera is not working at the moment ... **

It's taken me so long to get this posted as I am just so darn tired, lol!!  Basically, FNSI went WAY late (4.30am) ... probably because it started WAY late (11pm) and it needed to be ready for a 3yo's birthday party the next day!!  Nothin' like starting things at the 11th hour, huh?!

Earlier in the week I'd purchased a couple of colouring books, a drawing pad, and some crayola twistable crayons (less messy fingers!) ... I mean, what 3 year old doesn't love colouring?!!!

As this didn't feel like enough (lol, I ALWAYS feel this way!!!), I decided to make up a cover to 'house' these items ... kinda like the 'Dear Diary' journal cover by Joy.  I love how easy her pattern is to follow!! And, although I didn't actually follow it, I did keep it in mind while I was making it.

The main difference was that I had to use upright pockets in both sides ... and the size was quite a bit bigger.  It took me a good 20 mins to work out all my measurements, but since I did this first ... and did all required cutting prior to actually starting to make it up ... it took quite a bit less time that I thought! ... Though, I did machine bind it, rather than finishing it off by hand as I prefer!!

The only real problem I had was that I added a seam to the 'bug' pocket (the bottom) on the right, a little too high, which meant that the colouring book sits even to the top of the folder ... I was hoping it would sit nicely inside like the drawing pad on the left (did that make sense? lol!).  

The only frustration I have now over this was ... I only bought enough of this fabric for this ... no extra!!! ... Looks like I'll have to go back to Spotlight later in the week to try to get some more!! This would be perfect in a baby's blanket!!!

This was also the first time I tried out this month's FMQing challenge pattern ... or, at least one of them ... a basic swirly.  As I chose really well with the thread colour, it actually fades away fantastically into barely noticeable unless focussed on it ... so I can only show a 'back' shot ...

This time the quilting felt a lot smoother, and more even ... not so close either!! ... I am loving this pattern, and am thinking I might use it on the Aussie Hero Quilts I am putting together.  

Oh, on that topic, thank you for those who gave their suggestions for how to frame the blocks - I am loving the (general consensus) idea of having a thin blue border between the blocks and a deep brown/mahogany fabric.  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Must go get dinner ready, then add a 'new' movie to the iPod to watch while doing a walk on the treadmill tonight .... I've done three days of Jillian Michael's 'Ripped in 30' workout video and I am feeling great!!  A shame I'm not loosing much weight yet, lol, but I am sticking with it a lot better!!  She recommends on the dvd, to work out 5-6 days per week, with four weeks of workouts on the dvd ... I have decided to do it on a three days on/one day cardio rotation, with some additional cardio (walking on the treadmill ... my knees and lungs give out on me when I try to jog or run too long!) on the 'on' days when I can add it in.  As I have 16.5 weeks to lose 20kgs before my 30th birthday in July, I have a long way to go!!  Better start counting those calories, lol!!

Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I need some advice ...

I did actually write out most of this last night ... until at 1am I hit something that completely deleted my progress ... and I couldn't get it back ... GRRRR...!!! lol!

I am asking for some advice as to the best colour to use to border these lovely rail fence blocks ...

The fabric range I have used is an old mode jelly roll in "Civil War Reunion".  I originally purchased this jelly last year as I needed some civil war fabrics for a block swap ... I haven't used the rest until now, and I can't see myself actually using it for anything else, so I thought I would make it up in a very simple design to donate towards the soldiers in Afghanistan ... Jan-Maree's Aussie Hero Quilts initiative.

I am amazed at how quickly this has come together ... The 12in blocks aren't sewn together yet ... will do that either tonight or tomorrow after I get feedback from Mum ... and you (if possible) ... but I was able to sew the jelly strips together, in threes, on Sunday night ... cut them up into 6.5in blocks yesterday morning ... and sew them into the 12in blocks yesterday afternoon/early evening. You can find easy-to-follow instructions here.

I spent a good half hour trying to work out a layout that would work best, with no same fabrics touching ... except the two that I'd sewn together (circled below) without realising ... I decided that it would be okay to have the same fabric touching diagonally (en point), but not abutted together ... same design in different colour did however happen a few times in order for this to to be so.

If you can see any fabrics that look too obviously 'wrong', or can see something that might work better, please advise ... I have just noticed that the top and bottom blocks on the far left (using the image above) are in the wrong orientation ... the blues should be the other way around (vertical rather than horizontal) ... Keep in mind, I was auditioning these after midnight last night!!!

So ... any ideas on block placement ... or border colours?  I am thinking for the border, either a deep red or brown, but any and all help will be muchly appreciated!!!

I will be using the remaining 6.5in blocks (below) to make up a pieced backing ... maybe just a couple of strips down, with the label in between ... Still thinking,  but I do have 12 blocks left over ...

I was also able to put together this 36-patch block (12in squared) ... basically three 9-patch blocks sewn together ... from the scraps at the ends of the strips.  Each individual square will finish at 2in squared.

Wednesday I will go and get the necessary fabric, and pick up my parcel from Jan-Maree at the post office ... I've offered help in making up one of the BOM quilts from last month!  ... From Wednesday, we also have only one month to finalise and send the quilts off to the boys, with free postage.  I encourage you to go have a look at all the good Jan-Maree and the girls are doing through this initiative, if you haven't already!!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
SKoW Progress ...

Another project I have been working on, admittedly slowly (me ... very picky & pedantic!) My Some Kind of Wonderful needle turn appliqué for the SAL.

I started on the patty cakes ... and they are not finished as I have realised they are about 1/8in off centre ... to me it looks ALL WRONG!!! ... I will keep the block though, just in case, and might re-do it later.

I have also cut out the fabric pieces for the umbrella block, and hope to have this finished this week.

The "Cup of Tea" block is finished though, and I do like it ... though I am a little unsure about the shape of the saucer, I am going to leave it and keep it as is.

While I realise I am WAY behind with this project, in relation to the SAL schedule, I also realise that I am already feeling swamped ... and it is only week three of uni!! ... I have decided that I am going to try to aim for one appliquéd block per week ... that way, I should be up to date by the time the SAL comes to a close!!

... Better go.  Gotta (try to) get DD down for a nap (she's been unwell, with a chest infection the last couple of weeks), have something to eat, read up on what everyone has been doing in blogland ... then listen and take notes for a couple of lectures for uni before dinner!!

Have a great week!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

FMQing Challenge, Feb: Feathering

This month's challenge design was an Echo Feather Plume.  Diane Gaudynski was our expert tutor, and what a fantastic tutorial she provided us this month!!  Very easy to follow, and full of heaps of tips and tricks she's amassed from machine quilting for over 20 years!!!

If you follow my blog, you will know I dabbled with feathering earlier this month on a cot quilt I made for an old classmate's new baby boy ...

Front view, left hand side
Back view, bottom left hand corner
I wrote about the quilt here...

Anyway, when I realised I had run really close to the deadline of getting my entry into this month's challenge, I decided that I would put aside a couple of hours today to do a small (9in squared) panel to demonstrate what I have learnt this month.  I have to say, working on the feathering on the quilt earlier in the month certainly helped me a) feel more comfortable about it this time, and b) ensure the stitches, both front and back, were a lot more even.

I found that you could see the patterning more clearly when it was on a paler fabric, though it still looked pretty on the patterned purple.  I decided to just echo the design out to the edges rather than using a separate design as a filler or leaving it plain ... I probably would go plain if it was already in a border or block, sewn into a flimsy (full size quilt top).

Once again, I used a polyester batting (just cheap stuff I got from Spotlight years ago), but I really love the puffiness this design creates with the batting.  It's really only thin stuff too ... closer to 1/8in than 1/4in, but with this design it really comes out looking stunning!!!  Definitely using this design in future quilts!!!

Doesn't the back just look gorgeous?!!!!


Thankyou, again, Diane Gaudynski!!  And of course, thank you goes out to SewCalGal for hosting this challenge!!  I don't know if I would have been brave enough to try this design out without your encouragement!!!

I am linking this post up with February's challenge post.  I'm headed over tomorrow to have a squizzy at what the other participants have achieved this month ... Right now, I need to take notes for a few lectures for my new uni subject before picking up DD from the Early Learning Centre ...

Enjoy your weekend!!
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