Sunday, 18 March 2012

March FNSI Results

** Edit: This is also my entry for this month's FMQing challenge ... I have done another square since, with all of the patterns, but this is my favourite pattern ... I didn't really like them when I was drawing them (too messy), but this was definitely my favourite ... Also, my camera is not working at the moment ... **

It's taken me so long to get this posted as I am just so darn tired, lol!!  Basically, FNSI went WAY late (4.30am) ... probably because it started WAY late (11pm) and it needed to be ready for a 3yo's birthday party the next day!!  Nothin' like starting things at the 11th hour, huh?!

Earlier in the week I'd purchased a couple of colouring books, a drawing pad, and some crayola twistable crayons (less messy fingers!) ... I mean, what 3 year old doesn't love colouring?!!!

As this didn't feel like enough (lol, I ALWAYS feel this way!!!), I decided to make up a cover to 'house' these items ... kinda like the 'Dear Diary' journal cover by Joy.  I love how easy her pattern is to follow!! And, although I didn't actually follow it, I did keep it in mind while I was making it.

The main difference was that I had to use upright pockets in both sides ... and the size was quite a bit bigger.  It took me a good 20 mins to work out all my measurements, but since I did this first ... and did all required cutting prior to actually starting to make it up ... it took quite a bit less time that I thought! ... Though, I did machine bind it, rather than finishing it off by hand as I prefer!!

The only real problem I had was that I added a seam to the 'bug' pocket (the bottom) on the right, a little too high, which meant that the colouring book sits even to the top of the folder ... I was hoping it would sit nicely inside like the drawing pad on the left (did that make sense? lol!).  

The only frustration I have now over this was ... I only bought enough of this fabric for this ... no extra!!! ... Looks like I'll have to go back to Spotlight later in the week to try to get some more!! This would be perfect in a baby's blanket!!!

This was also the first time I tried out this month's FMQing challenge pattern ... or, at least one of them ... a basic swirly.  As I chose really well with the thread colour, it actually fades away fantastically into barely noticeable unless focussed on it ... so I can only show a 'back' shot ...

This time the quilting felt a lot smoother, and more even ... not so close either!! ... I am loving this pattern, and am thinking I might use it on the Aussie Hero Quilts I am putting together.  

Oh, on that topic, thank you for those who gave their suggestions for how to frame the blocks - I am loving the (general consensus) idea of having a thin blue border between the blocks and a deep brown/mahogany fabric.  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Must go get dinner ready, then add a 'new' movie to the iPod to watch while doing a walk on the treadmill tonight .... I've done three days of Jillian Michael's 'Ripped in 30' workout video and I am feeling great!!  A shame I'm not loosing much weight yet, lol, but I am sticking with it a lot better!!  She recommends on the dvd, to work out 5-6 days per week, with four weeks of workouts on the dvd ... I have decided to do it on a three days on/one day cardio rotation, with some additional cardio (walking on the treadmill ... my knees and lungs give out on me when I try to jog or run too long!) on the 'on' days when I can add it in.  As I have 16.5 weeks to lose 20kgs before my 30th birthday in July, I have a long way to go!!  Better start counting those calories, lol!!

Have a great week!!!


Cheryll said...

You did such a great job on the gift. I love the fabric... it suits the project perfectly! And your FMQ looks fantastic...swirls look nice and good for you! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

You got a lot accomplished...way to go!

Patchwork and Play said...

That fabric is really pretty! They saying watching the calories going in is the better way of losing weight than the exercise! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

lovely cover Larissa and good luck with keeping fit and losing weight.xx

Kat said...

Hi Larissa. I came over from Sarah's blog (Confessions of a Fabric Addict). I absolutely love the coloring caddy you have made. What adorable fabric and great FMQ! I'm new to FMQ but that looks like I design I think I need to try!

Like you, I always feel like "just" coloring supplies is not enough, but this is such a great way to personalize it a little more and give it the "something else" we (quilting moms!) probably feel a gift needs.

I just ordered (yesterday) Jillian's "Ripped in 30" DVD. It should arrive tomorrow and I can't wait to give it a try. I've heard really good things.

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