Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I need some advice ...

I did actually write out most of this last night ... until at 1am I hit something that completely deleted my progress ... and I couldn't get it back ... GRRRR...!!! lol!

I am asking for some advice as to the best colour to use to border these lovely rail fence blocks ...

The fabric range I have used is an old mode jelly roll in "Civil War Reunion".  I originally purchased this jelly last year as I needed some civil war fabrics for a block swap ... I haven't used the rest until now, and I can't see myself actually using it for anything else, so I thought I would make it up in a very simple design to donate towards the soldiers in Afghanistan ... Jan-Maree's Aussie Hero Quilts initiative.

I am amazed at how quickly this has come together ... The 12in blocks aren't sewn together yet ... will do that either tonight or tomorrow after I get feedback from Mum ... and you (if possible) ... but I was able to sew the jelly strips together, in threes, on Sunday night ... cut them up into 6.5in blocks yesterday morning ... and sew them into the 12in blocks yesterday afternoon/early evening. You can find easy-to-follow instructions here.

I spent a good half hour trying to work out a layout that would work best, with no same fabrics touching ... except the two that I'd sewn together (circled below) without realising ... I decided that it would be okay to have the same fabric touching diagonally (en point), but not abutted together ... same design in different colour did however happen a few times in order for this to to be so.

If you can see any fabrics that look too obviously 'wrong', or can see something that might work better, please advise ... I have just noticed that the top and bottom blocks on the far left (using the image above) are in the wrong orientation ... the blues should be the other way around (vertical rather than horizontal) ... Keep in mind, I was auditioning these after midnight last night!!!

So ... any ideas on block placement ... or border colours?  I am thinking for the border, either a deep red or brown, but any and all help will be muchly appreciated!!!

I will be using the remaining 6.5in blocks (below) to make up a pieced backing ... maybe just a couple of strips down, with the label in between ... Still thinking,  but I do have 12 blocks left over ...

I was also able to put together this 36-patch block (12in squared) ... basically three 9-patch blocks sewn together ... from the scraps at the ends of the strips.  Each individual square will finish at 2in squared.

Wednesday I will go and get the necessary fabric, and pick up my parcel from Jan-Maree at the post office ... I've offered help in making up one of the BOM quilts from last month!  ... From Wednesday, we also have only one month to finalise and send the quilts off to the boys, with free postage.  I encourage you to go have a look at all the good Jan-Maree and the girls are doing through this initiative, if you haven't already!!

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SKoW Progress ...

Another project I have been working on, admittedly slowly (me ... very picky & pedantic!) My Some Kind of Wonderful needle turn appliqué for the SAL.

I started on the patty cakes ... and they are not finished as I have realised they are about 1/8in off centre ... to me it looks ALL WRONG!!! ... I will keep the block though, just in case, and might re-do it later.

I have also cut out the fabric pieces for the umbrella block, and hope to have this finished this week.

The "Cup of Tea" block is finished though, and I do like it ... though I am a little unsure about the shape of the saucer, I am going to leave it and keep it as is.

While I realise I am WAY behind with this project, in relation to the SAL schedule, I also realise that I am already feeling swamped ... and it is only week three of uni!! ... I have decided that I am going to try to aim for one appliquéd block per week ... that way, I should be up to date by the time the SAL comes to a close!!

... Better go.  Gotta (try to) get DD down for a nap (she's been unwell, with a chest infection the last couple of weeks), have something to eat, read up on what everyone has been doing in blogland ... then listen and take notes for a couple of lectures for uni before dinner!!

Have a great week!!!


Cheryll said...

Well... for what it's worth... I see a blue inner border (to frame it)with brown as an outside border-for the Hero's quilt.The outer border in perhaps the shade that's around the 1st pic.
The blue (inner border)to match in tone a deeper blue similar to one you used.. that would go great I THINK!

Fiona said...

I have done a couple of jelly roll/layer cake quilts and it is very hard never to get any of the same touching or nearby.... but the range that is in them allows for that kind of not very random randomness!!! It looks lovely.... I think it will depend also on how big you want to make it... but any of the colours in the quilt will do - I like Cherylls idea of two borders...
Making good progress with skow... there is a lot in it..

Patchwork and Play said...

Without even knowing that Cheryl was going to mention it, I thought a thin blue (half inch?) border first, then go with the red or brown wider border! I must check out Jan-Maree's link! Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get everything done! Try to enjoy the journey and if your a day or two lat for SAL, so be it!

Teresa said...

I completely agree that a small blue border to make the center pop, then a dark border all around would be stunning. Your rail fence is lovely, whoever is lucky enough to receive it will cherish it.

Vicki ♥ said...

I am with Cheryll and think a blue would look great...would lift it all perfectly.
Your SKOW blocks are gorgeous!! It inspires me to do more of mine. happy sewing and hugs Vicki x

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