Wednesday, 1 June 2011

No Wonder I wasn't feeling fabulous!!

Since Saturday evening I haven't been feeling well.

It started off with a bit of a funny-feeling in my head, and then pain that only nurofen, then panadeine forte would dull.

Then Tuesday morning, about 5.30am-ish, I woke up needing to go to the toilet (yeah, I know, TMI!) with a REALLY sore throat.  I got to the toilet and back to my room alright, but then when I went to get my panadeine forte everything suddenly began to get really fuzzy and whirrly ... until I knocked my head on the bookshelf.
I have only once before in my life fainted (and that was out of SEVERE pain when I had a MASSIVE cyst on my backside, about 4 months after I had my daughter ... just as I was trying to get myself into the shower under some HOT water as the hot water bottle wasn't enough!  Long TMI story there, lol) ... but I think that if I hadn't hit my head, alerting me 'awake', I would have fainted dead away!  I was able to amble my way back over to my bed and get back under the covers before I was out of it until my daughter woke me up.

Monday and (though, mostly) Tuesday was spent in a drug-induced (panadeine forte piggy-backed with nurofen when the pain was back too much to tolerate, though it was too soon to have another dose of the former) haze, generally dozing the day away on the couch while my daughter was entertained by Playschool, Mickey Mouse, sticking & pasting shapes on a sheet of cardstock and her dolls house.  Not good.

To top it all off, my daughter was also developing her own head cold (runny & stuffed up nose) and last night woke at 11.45pm; crying her little eyes out, adamant that she was going to be (or had been - nope) "really sick".   She kept going out to the bathroom, balling her little eyes out, to lean over the sink and have a couple of really big, chesty coughs, only to cough up .... very little.  It took almost an hour to calm her down enough that she could go back to sleep.  She was also complaining of very sore ears.

Thankfully I was able to get an appointment for this morning (though earlier would have been better, I didn't call until Tuesday) and so my daughter and I toddled off to the doctor only to discover that ...

a) I have tonsillitis.  Yay! (NOT!)  Though, this means I now have anti-biotics that should help me get better ... and a new prescription for that wonderful drug panadeine forte, which I only had another two left of - yes, I WAS only taking one at a time!  This appointment also meant I could get a medical certificate for my uni as I still have one drawing to do - and I'd had to request another extension to next week as I haven't been able to focus at all on it!  God Bless my tutor - she's been a god-send!!

b) My daughter has a head-cold.  Yes, well, I knew that.  What I didn't know ... she also has a very possible bacterial infection (evidenced by a few different things, though mainly some very red ears).

So she also has some anti-biotics to nix that, but she is cleared to go to childcare tomorrow.  Which is great since I really need to try to focus on this drawing!  Thankfully it's only a 'gridded study' - which is where I take a photo, grid it off and then make a greyscale-type copy of this with charcoal or conte (two of my LEAST favourite mediums!)

So, this week so far ... no drawings, no sewing, not much.

Tomorrow: I am aiming to get to work on this drawing and make (and post off) my 12 inch quilt block swap for last month though.  It seemed to get pushed down further and further on the 'to do' list and is now VERY late.  My apologies Cathy!!!

God Willing, I can get back on my feet quickly!!


Cheryll said...

Oh you poor thing... and your little daughter too... both at the same time! Thank heaven for the weekend! Take care and feel better soon! :(

manda said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, and your daughter doesn't get it too bad! I've only just gotten over almost a whole month of sicknesses so I know how you feel!

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