Tuesday, 16 August 2011

15 minute challenge update: weeks 4, 5 & 6

Since I haven't updated for a while, I decided I needed to do a full 3 wk update.  I will try to keep the babble short as there is more to report back than a usual update.
Be warned, this will be a rather long post!


Tuesday 26 July:  45 mins, EPP preparation
Wednesday 27 July: 2 hrs, mug rug; H2H cutting (black strips) and sewing
Thursday 28th July: mug rug & H2H sewing
Friday 29 July: EPP prep (paper shapes prep); mug rug hand-sewing
Saturday 30 July: 2 hrs, EPP prep (fabric selection, cutting and prep) & hand-sewing.
Sunday 31 July: 1hr, H2H top
Monday 1 August: 1.5hrs H2H & EPP hand-sewing

This week I had a 1000wd reflection assignment due on Monday, so much of my time went towards this.  Craft-wise I did well to get something done everyday, though I felt disillusioned, flighty and unable to commit to one particular project.


Tuesday 2 August: 1 hr, H2H (black insertion in 1 block)
Wednesday 3 August: nothing
Thursday 4 August: nada
Friday 5 August: zilch
Saturday 6 August: zip
Sunday 7 August: 4 hrs, pattern prep, fabric prep and beginning needle-turn applique for 12in QBSA block
Monday 8 August: 2hrs, needle-turn applique for 12 in QBSA block.

This week was my 'first' week of my current (not quite out of) self-sabotage mode.  I think I 'realised' I wouldn't get the H2H quilt done in time to send to Judi ready for giving in Romania and thus I simply shutdown.  I also gained at least 4kgs (8lb 13oz!) in as many days, setting my weight loss back over a month in less than a week - boo!  By Sunday I realised that moping about not getting this quilt done was not helping me - I am now behind with my swaps.  Emails were sent and partners informed, and I have now - thankfully gotten back to working on these.

Note: When I informed Sarah of my inability to finish the quilt in time to be sent through to Judi from Green Fairy Quilts, she let me know not to be too worried about it as they have received more than their quota this year and so have quite a few all ready for next years' trip - mine would be added to that lot regardless. 60 quilts from 47 H2H Challenge participants alone - let alone all the others that have been donated to Judi over the year!! Praise the LORD!!!  Such an Awesome result!!  I will continue to work on this quilt, sending it through when it is finished, and yes I will show you when I do get it done.  It is, however, no longer priority #1 craft-wise!


Tuesday 9 August: 2hrs, needle-turn applique & hand embroidery on 12in QBSA block
Wednesday 10 August: 4hrs, hand embroidery on 12in QBSA block
Thursday 11 August: 1.5hrs sewing (12in QBSA block finish, mug rug) & 1hr in quilt fabric shop for supplies and browse sans DD
Friday 12 August: Selected pattern & figured out adaption (sent email to designer for approval) for Spring swap and a birthday present
Saturday 13 August: 1.5hrs in quilt fabric & Spotlight stores selecting fabrics and notions for several projects w/ DD
Sunday 14 August: 1 hr, EPP hand-sewing
Monday 15 August: 6hrs+, FMQ (first time!) and binding on mug rug

This week I've gotten back into my craft, thoroughly enjoying the hand-stitching, particularly the needle-turn appliques.  For that particular project I really enjoyed putting the design together from conception to creation.  I hope my partner Fiona enjoys the block when she receives it (hopefully Wed or Thurs depending on Aust. Post).  {Photos to come when it arrives}

So all in all, at least 30hrs over the three weeks (10 hrs per week when you even it out, even with that self-sabotaging spirit invading week 5!).  Pretty good don't you think?

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I will be linking this post in with Kate's challenge post.  It is always great to see how much the others are getting up to each week and giving them a good dose of congratulations and encouragement.  To see how others have done on their challenge, why not head over to Life in Pieces.

I will post some pics of recent finishes and swap receivals tomorrow.

Until next time, hoping you have a wonderfully crafty week! *Hugs*


Narelle said...

I really like the '15 minutes a day' idea ... it all adds up to finishes eventually.

SpinningStar said...

Good report - I like that you kept to tracking what you're doing, even though it didn't make it to the blog.

I fully understand the "I have too much to do, so how will I do it, so I'll shut down and not do anything" mode. I've been there and sometimes, it is hard to get out of it. But setting these 15minute sewing goals does help and I've done the same with other projects.


Sarah Craig said...

Way to go, Larissa! Slow and steady will get it done - even if you're discouraged! Just keep plugging away at it! I can't wait to see your photos soon!!

501 Quilt Blocks said...

Great progress in spite of your 'slump'. I have those now and then. And...that's when I eat too! We won't talk about my weight loss setbacks. Keep up the good work.

Shay said...

I dont feel the love for crafting every week either . I think the fact you pushed on is a testament to your perseverance. It's hard to feel creative when you have deadlines looming.

That being said , with everything else you have on your plate, I think you did an amazing job of getting things done over the past few weeks!

Kate said...

Some weeks just aren't meant to be good craft weeks. Deadlines tend to freak me out, so I avoid them in my quilting life (I have enough at my day job!). Glad that it all worked out for the good and that you'll still be able to make a contribution, on your own time table.

A total of 30 hours over 3 weeks is pretty spectacular. Sounds like you have lot so projects in the works, looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for linking up this week.

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