Thursday, 6 October 2011

Don't you just hate being sick?!!

I'm sitting here in the library, trying to concentrate on my readings for uni ... not very successfully as I am coughing away every few minutes, sneezing almost as often, and wiping my nose so often you'd assume it was a tap left not-quite-shut-off (what a great mental image?!!! Lol) ... and so I decided (my mind is not quite with it atm) that it was about time I quickly update how I've been.

Unfortunately, the last month or so has seen me rarely well! I have been sick more often than I've been healthy ... And I've hated every minute! Whether it was a cold/flu, headaches or migraines, tonsillitis, or any number of other worries ... You name it, I've probably housed it! Last night I went to the free overnight clinic after having a really bad cough, congestion and almost losing my voice since monday ( normal doctor couldn't see me till next week) ... And I came away with a week's course of antibiotics, 2 tabs twice a day. I am hoping this will help me get over this bout really quickly as I have two assignments due ASAP ( one overdue) and then another Monday week. On top of this I am also behind in my sewing ... Again!

God bless my swap partners ... Seriously!!! They have all been incredibly understanding, and I just feel so bad!

Right now, all i want to do is sew and craft ... Unfortunately, there have been times that my migraines have meant I didn't even want to go near the sewing machine! And right now, this overdue assignment is #1 priority! Aargh!! Ibam definitely going back to one unit over Christmas!! And DD will be at childcare two days next year, rather than just the one!!!

Oh, on top of all this, my darling 3yo DD has been showing signs of attention seeking!!! You know, extra tantrums, going into places she knows are out of bounds, getting into food stuffs she knows she's been told 'no' or 'not now' ... FUN FUN!!!

I don't mean to complain, just to update why I've been pretty much AWOL lately!

I do have a few blocks, both received and sent to show, just need to be at my computer to do so. A lot of the sewing I have done, has been hand sewing. Hand quilting is my current project ... Lisa, I am getting it done!! Thankfully my most recent block requests have been easy blocks too. I have my fabrics and patterns ready for when I get a spare chance.

Must go... Sorry for the rant.

Have a great crafty week!

P.S. Can you believe I hadn't been anywhere as sick as this before we had a super weekend at church with a couple of honest-to-God prophets come?!!!!


Dawn said...

I hope you start to feel betetr soon..not nice having the lurgy...hope you get to do some sewing soon.
Hugs Dawn x x

Fiona said...

Poor you Larissa... besides just feeling grotty it is horrible not being able to do all the fun things.... get well soon...

Linda said...

I understand completely! I have shingles and I am so tired of hurting. (It's only been a week and my doctor says 2 weeks at least!) I hope you're popping the Vitamin C tablets! That really helps. I swear by them, despite my illness!( I would be much sicker without them boosting my immunity.)For years I have popped them like candy when I'm around anyone with colds and other illnesses. This is the first time I've been sick in 4 years! I was thrilled when my doctor told me that in addition to my anti-viral medication for shingles, I should pop vitamin C tablets several times a day and to take at least 1000 mg.

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