Friday, 7 October 2011

Why "Crafty God Chick"?

Earlier on in the week, the darling Dawn from 'As Sweet As Cinnamon' challenged us to divulge the reasoning or story behind our selection of blog name.  I loved the idea when I read it, but as you know I haven't been well, so I've mainly just been reading (some) blogs and (very) occasionally leaving a comment ... not even thinking of putting the thought into writing one.

I am feeling a little better, though I spent most of the morning and afternoon on the lounge closing my eyes ... dozing ... sleeping.  Thank God for my wonderful Mum who kept DD entertained most of the day!!  I just didn't have the energy to do anything!!!  I have actually needed to take a Panadeine Forte tablet in the morning when I've woken up, just to feel slightly better!!  (Pain wise!)  It unfortunately leaves me rather tired though!  Double unfortunately I have only one tablet left over ... they were from earlier on in the year when I had tonsillitis (actually, possibly on a few months back if I remember rightly!!) ... and I only had 4 or 5 left over.  Triple unfortunately, I didn't think to request another script for this ... so it is off to the pharmacy tomorrow morning ... once tomorrow's tablet is taken and has 'kicked in' ... to ask if there is anything 'over-the-counter' that I can take which will pretty much do the same job.  Nurofen isn't helping... maybe a number of Panadol will do the trick?!

Anyway... back to why I chose my 'name'.

A number of years ago I came upon a fantastic book by Holly Wagner who wrote a book (among others) entitled "God Chicks".

I love, Love, LOVE this book!!  Every time I read it, whether just a chapter or the whole book again (we're talking at least a half-dozen times here!!), I get something new out of it that never 'spoke' to me before!

As the blurb reads ...
God Chicks come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and styles!   
God chicks are princesses, daughters of a King.  They are warriors with the courage to do what's right (even the hard stuff).  They are lovers, extending their hands and their hearts to their family, friends and a hurting humanity.  They are party chicks, celebrating life with passion and a smile.  They are whatever-it-takes chicks committed to accomplishing their God-given purposes in the twenty-first century.  God chicks are a force for change on earth... 
With God Chicks, Holly seeks to blow the lid off the boxes that women have sometimes put themselves in and encourages women to be the amazing, world-changing champions they were made to be. 
And she really does just that!  I am constantly inspired by the words in these pages ... and even if I don't ever become the 'chick' I believe I should be, then I know that I have tried my best to be the God Chick God created me to be!!  I love the terminology that Holly has used in this title ... the playfulness and cheeky-ness that comes across in her use of the often-derogatory 'chick' label.  I aspire to be the God Chick I was created to be ... the one so deliciously described in Proverbs 31:10-31.

And, well, "Crafty"(?!) ... I tend to be the crafty one in my group of friends, more often than not!  The girlfriends I have now (face-to-face, I-can-physically-visit-with-them friends) are more occupied with tending to their kids and husbands or work to find the time to create and sew!  To say that I now have some friends who I share this passion for handmade crafting ... it is truly a dream come true!!

So, that's me.  Crafty God Chick.

I am linking this to Dawn's post here.  Head over to find out where quite a few other fellow bloggers came up with their names ... or join in the fun yourself!!


Cheryll said...

Isn't it wonderful finding out how blogs were named...thanks for sharing! :)

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing your story - and I'll have to take a look for the book.

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