Thursday, 16 February 2012

Feb's Organising Challenge: Update 1

I originally wrote out this post last Friday night - though I’m talking close to midnight here – however, I somehow deleted the majority of it right before finishing, and couldn’t get it back … was going to rewrite it on the weekend, but Saturday was taken up with helping the family move Grandpa from our place (he’s been living in our Granny flat since I was really little with Grandma, until she passed a few years ago) to my aunts (it’s a lot smaller, and its not so far for him to walk to get to the other people for company) and beginning the quilting of a cot quilt for a girlfriend who has recently had her second child, a boy this time.  This week has been very busy, so nothing written… obviously, lol!

Man, do I ramble, lol!!

Anyhoo, up until Friday night I had made a decent dent in the progress of my clean-up.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

I spent a whole afternoon going through the stuff in this set of drawers, to the left of the bedroom …

L-R :  Gifts ... not-sure-yet ... special children's books

L-R :  Textbooks ... not-sure-yet ... not-sure-yet

L-R : towel sets ... sheets sets & tea towels ... scrap-booking wooden kaisercraft items 

It was a chock-a-block full of *stuff* … old gossip magazines (why are these so darn addictive??!!), old second-hand books, old uni paperwork (study guides, reading booklets, handwritten notes, and old assignments) … considering I have been studying at uni on-and-off since 2000, there was a LOT!!! … The resulting box of paper going to the recyclers was full, there was a box of books going to the op shop, and there were 2 garbage bags headed to the dump (tip) …

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The second area which had a significant overhaul was my closet.  For years I have dreaded attacking this, mainly because I knew it would diminish dramatically in size.  About 5-10 years ago I was a LOT smaller – at least 15-20kgs smaller – and a lot of the outfits that resided in here were from those years.

I had to go in with a plan of attack, as otherwise I would still own a wardrobe of clothes I no longer fit into … Bear in mind I am hoping to lose approx 35 kgs (72 pounds) by the end of the year, 4kgs (9 pounds) of which I have lost in the last month.  Mainly through diet.  Though, to be honest I have gone a little off the wayside this last week and have gained about a kilo back.

Anyways, to give you an idea of my closet before … it was FULL!!!

This image here was actually taken after I had removed my 3yo’s bed (and vacuumed under it … it’s a trundle), and moved a few boxes and things out of the way so I a) had room, and b) could vaccum the floor … Always good to start with a clean floor.

I made three piles …

  1. OP SHOP
  2. KEEP FOR LATER … Clothes I know I will wear once I get back down to the appropriate sizes
  3. KEEP … wear now – staying in closet

I tend to throw clothes out as they get to an un-wearable point, so I didn’t have anything worthy only of the dump.

Once finished, my op shop pile consisted of … 10 skirts, 3 dresses, 2 tops, 1 long pants, 1 brunch-coat …

My “KEEP FOR LATER” pile had … 8 dresses, 11 tops, 5 skirts and 3 pants …

The brown shoes, at the bottom of the pic, are unfortunately headed to the dump ... the insides were falling apart, shedding ... all very sad!!  I really loved wearing the ones on the left ... all those years ago, lol!!

And my closet  ("KEEP" pile) looked … VERY BARE!!!  Left in there are … 1 brunch-coat, 2 coats, 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 4 pants (all were in the wash when I took the photos), 6 tops (three were in the wash)…

The “OP SHOP” pile also received these plastic coat hangers …

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

This week I have also …

- Cleaned out bookshelf behind door & 5 out of 8 shelves in my two white 4-shelf bookshelves,

- Put away my daughters “TO GROW INTO” clothes (when the end of season/super sales are on, I tend to buy up in various larger sizes for my daughter … better to get a shirt for $5 than $15 when I know she will wear it … or leggings for $2.45 a pair as I did earlier today!),

- Moved laundry basket to the bathroom,

- I rotate my daughters dvd’s every month, so I have a box of them in our room at all times … these now have a place up high, above one of the bookshelves.

Oh, I also have decided to get rid of 3 exercise dvds (below).  Early last year I went through them all and got rid of all the movies and tv series on dvd that I either am not all that keen on or don't like, which is why I don't have many to get rid of...

If anyone wants any of these dvds, please let me know below ... I have opened and used the Tracy Anderson dvd, once ... the other two are still unused, still in their packaging ... I am not looking to sell them, though if anywhere outside of Aust. I would like cost of postage covered...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

My room ... well, the floor ... at the end of the week, looked much clearer ...

Boxes stored behind rocking chair ... much of which will end up at the top of the cupboards

I don't think the floor in front of the drawers there has been this clear in years!!!
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Considering the 2nd update is due on Friday, and I haven’t done anything yet this week, I guess I’d better plan a few projects for the next three days … tomorrow DD is at childcare and my uni doesn’t start until March, so I’ll have all day to work on it then.

Don’t forget … this month’s FNSI is this Friday, so sign up here to join in the fun …

I have linked this post up with Laura’s post here.

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Fiona said...

Larissa you are doing great with your clean up.... it is such a good feeling throwing out what you don't need....???

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