Sunday, 19 May 2013

Some stitchery & some sewing

Although I intended to put up a post earlier than this, I seem to have found myself super busy trying to wrap up this current study period.  I have an exam on Monday (which I am stressing about), and a pretty huge assignment due Sunday week ... so I probably won't be around next week either.  It will be lovely to be able to just sit and catch up on what y'all are doing - this week though, that joy should really be put on hold.
I have been getting over a throat infection the last couple of weeks too, which has been unpleasant, and not at all conducive to being able to focus on assignments ... but, I've realised that just 15mins of sewing, on my most stressed out of days, will help me decompress a little and refocus my attention off all those terrible what-ifs.
So, what have I gotten up to over the last couple of weeks?

Well, I've finished off both the pincushion ...
 and bag that have been sitting in their box, all cut up, patiently waiting for me to put them together ...
I've also done a little stitchery (TTS blocks).  Three are finished now, just working on the fourth ...
And finally, last night I sandwiched and quilted the table runner for my swap partner.  I actually finished off another one earlier ... unfortunately I decided that I was too in love with the fabrics to give it away, and was unable to find another charm pack in the same range ... so, this second one was born.  I also had to wait a couple of weeks to get some more batting, after I realised too late that I'd run out and already divvied up my budget for that fortnight.
The backing is pieced, and all that is left to do is attach the binding.  Unfortunately, this will not be finished until my last assignment is submitted, but I have a few extra items in mind to add to my wonderfully patient partner.

I am really looking forward for this week to be over - though, admittedly, I could use all the time available in order to get this assignment done!! As long as it passes I will be happy - but I need to at least pass!! ... Then, I can get stuck into organising & cleaning my room (I've booked in my BF to help me go through it ... well, to keep me on task!!) and then I have several sewing projects I want to get both finished and started.  Enjoy your week!!

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