Monday, 7 October 2013

SKoW ... 'Best Friends'

'Best Friends'

I was working on this block, little by little over the course of last week, since finishing off my 'sewing' block.  For some reason I enjoyed the needleturn over the stitchery this time, lol, which felt like it was taking forever *wink* ... especially all that hair!!! *giggle*

I've drawn up some ideas for my last block, but not quite decided yet.  I'm thinking I'll either go with my original choice of wine & cheeses, or my new option: gymnastics (I did it for eleven years from a young age, coached littlies for several years, and now my daugther has been going for over 3 years!!  I LOVE watching it, and often find myself scrutinising the gymnasts as a judge would, lol!).

I'm going to give myself a couple of days to mull over the ideas, and start on the cutting for a pieced quilt for my bed I've been wanting to make for a couple of years while I decide ... I also have WIPs, UFOs and USOs (Un-Started Objects *wink*) to sort through and organise, amongst other things this week.

Have a crafty kinda week xx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

[Oct'13] FNwF check-in

Friday began late - I just can't seem to get past this lethargy that keeps hanging around, especially during the day ... and, on the flipside, as soon as the sun goes down I seem to have an inability to get myself to bed, despite being dog-tired!! If I could sleep 12 hours a day or more without feeling guilty, I would ...

Anywhoo ...

Friday afternoon was spent doing more organising of my fabric & craft organising.  I was lucky enough to win some vouchers for Bunnings a few months back, and earlier in the week I went to purchase a large cupboard to help me store and organise my sewing accoutrements.  It's been fun going through my things, but also frustrating - as much as I have, there is so much I feel like I need to get it just right *wink* ... I still have quite a bit to go through and organise, so I'll show pics once I've got it done :)

Late Friday evening I got started on my sewing project for the evening.  The "Buttercup Bag", designed by Made-by-Rae designs.
We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday for one of the little girls in Miss 5's class and so we went to Spotlight and these were the fabrics & buttons she chose.  Such a good combination if I do say so myself *grin*.  We've also picked out some fabrics for a bag for her - another fabulous combination I'll show later in the week once it's been put together.

I totally recommend this pattern for anyone interested in making themselves, or someone else, a nice little bag.  It was easy to follow, the pattern pieces were simple, and I can totally see myself making quite a few more of these - both for myself and as gifts for others.

Once again, it was wonderful knowing there were other like-minded sewers around the country and globe, all sewing 'together'!  And thankyou to Cheryll for once again hosting this fabulous monthly get-together!!  I may not report in every month/fortnight/week, but I do enjoy knowing there are others out there just as enamoured with needle and thread as I am!! 

Enjoy a quilty kinda week!! xx
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