Tuesday, 3 May 2011

5 Books a Day: week 2

We ended up deciding to read the books from the last 5BaD post again for a second week.  There were days when we ended up forgetting these in amongst  the plethora of other books we read, so I wasn't really worried.  Late Sunday afternoon, my father took my daughter along to the beach for some Grandad:Grandaughter one to one time which she thoroughly LOVED - especially since one of our books from last week was "Grandpa and Thomas", during which she enjoyed joining in with the "swish, swash, swoosh, sings the sea" phrase repeated each double-page spread.

So, this week we are going to attempt to read the following books at least once each day, in amongst all the others...

Five titles from the Learn about God series, published by Christian Focus Publications and Illustrated by Derek Matthews.
I know there are five books here already, but when we sit down to read one we inevitably end up reading the lot - so I'm kinda counting this as two, lol.  The titles we have are God knows everything, God is everywhere, God is faithful, God has power, and God is kind.  My daughter brings them over to me regularly and just loves hearing about God, and learning of just how much he loves us!  **Bless!!**

Play School: Come and Play: Nursery Rhyme Favourites
We got this one at Christmas last year as my daughter has become a very avid viewer of Playschool - she's regularly requesting one of her dvd's, participating, singing and dancing along with each segment!
Though this book is more of a 'introduction' to nursery rhymes (not all verses are included in many of the rhymes), it does provide delight in little ones, especially when they can recognise their favourite characters 'acting' out the rhymes.
My daughter is even singing the rhymes by herself now - and this makes this book even more delightful in her eyes!
Clifford Grows Up by Norman Bridwell.
A recent favourite, this book discusses 'growing up' through the compilation of 'past photos' of Emily Elizabeth and her special dog Clifford.  She is telling the story of her pet, from getting him as a puppy through the fun of puppyhood all the way to when he grew so big they needed to move from the city to the country so they could keep him.
The last few days this book has been pulled out almost every evening by an eager almost-3yo wanting to hear about the dog that grew soooo big!  A fun look at the past and growing up.

There was an Old Woman who swallowed a fly! illustrated by Wendy Straw.
Who hasn't heard this 'all-time favourite children's verse' of an old woman who swallowed a fly, spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow ... and horse?!!  Each subsequent animal was swallowed in order to 'catch the' previous inhabitant of her belly!  Such fun!  Such delight ... especially when you emphasise the spider wriggling, jiggling and tickling inside her with bouncy-ness and tickles of your own!
Since buying this one, it has regularly been pulled out when we wanted something fun to read.

So, what are you reading this week?  Whether for yourself or with your children?

Once again I am linking up with Anna’s 5-a-day books” challenge" on her blog The Imagination Tree.  Though she is on her third week, we are only on our second.


Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

I think it's great that you are including well known nursery rhymes and chants too- so beneficial for early literacy development. Thanks for linking up and sharing your choices!

SarahElisabeth said...

My little ones love the Learn aboout God series. We've even got a few rather ragged copies of the older version which had photos rather than drawings!
The old woman who swallowed a fly book sounds great. Will look out for it in the library. I have happy memories of a record of this as a child.

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