Monday, 23 May 2011

Friday Night (not so much) sew in ...

**Warning: No pictures ... and I babble!**

Sunday night here ... and I am posting this knowing I have put this post off for too long.  Despite my enthusiasm to spend an entire evening doing nothing but sewing ... my plans were unfortunately ultimately derailed.  I have a feeling I was trying to pack too much in my day and didn't plan well enough through the course of the week to get myself ready for it.  Oh well, there is always next month!

So, what happened?  Well, to begin, over the last few months I have been going through my mountains of stuff - and that of my daughter - and trying to purge.  For a (would like to say "reformed" ... but not so much) hoarder, I have far too much stuff that I really don't need to keep when I am truely honest with myself.  Well, about a month ago I heard about a Kids' Bazaar which was being held at a local church on Saturday, to help them raise some funds for their chosen charities and missionary work.  Great idea.  Good cause to 'donate' towards.  Just one thing ... this would mean I would need to go through 3+ years of kids clothes & toys and my maternity clothes.  Something I've been putting off for, well, that many years, lol.  I really hadn't gotten rid of much at all!

This was all while I am (still!) trying to get my drawings finished for uni ... due end of this coming week.

Disorganised me basically left the bulk of the sorting of clothes until Friday, didn't I?!!  Most of it was washed over the days previous, but actually working out what I wanted to keep and what I was willing to part with ... Friday!  And it needing to be delivered to the church between 4 and 7pm that night!  I did pretty well - considering I also got most of one drawing done ... and my daughter recognised who the model was just from the drawing so I'm happy so say it is finished *grin* - though I was hoping to deliver the goodies closer to 4pm, I didn't end up getting there until 6.30pm.

A whole trunk load of goodies (though, admittedly I have a 'small' hatchback so not so much really), plus both sides of the car seat on the back-seat.  Who would'a guessed?  Not me!!!

Anyway, after dropping that off I then needed to drop by my cousin's place to deliver a copy of Disney's hardback 'Cinderella' book.  I realised I doubled-up on this story (and on Alice in Wonderland and The Lion King but she had these and another friend will be happily taking them off my hands next week!) when I pulled down the box of Disney books from the cupboard (purchased pre-daughter in anticipation).

This would have been a quick trip ... but then her son was given his dinner and my daughter was offered some.  Okay, I think, that way we can just have a bath and go to bed when we get home.  Good intentions - yes.  Also gave me more time to catch up - since she's gone back to work (son started Preschool this year) our weekly catch ups have gone from about 2-4 per week down to maybe once or twice - once being at the kids' gymnastics class.

All was going good.  Dinner was eaten and we were headed home to bed - and it was almost 9pm.  Okay, definitely time to go home. Then ... all hell broke loose!!

Well, that's what it felt like!

I couldn't find my keys!!  They weren't in my pocket - where I still would swear I'd put them!!  They weren't inside the house.  Weren't in my bag (checked twice!)  Weren't outside anywhere!  In the end we (myself, my cousin, the kids and my auntie) were looking for a good 45 mins by the time I consented and rang my father asking for him to find the spare to come get us.  This was while my cousin was going through my bag for the third time - just in case I missed them.

Well, what do you know.... the moment I hung up from my dad I realised I hadn't checked the outside pocket of my bag.  Why would I?!  I never put them in there! LOL!  Thankfully my cousin and her mum just laughed it off as one of those things that just happen.

So, we didn't get home until 10pm.  Then the little rascal had to join Granny for a shower - well, at least I didn't have to run around after her in there to get her washed! lol.  Then, she had to have Grandad read Beauty and the Beast to her -- and not just a portion of it ... the entire story!!  In the end, we didn't get into bed until 10.30pm and she wasn't asleep until 11pm!

No brain power at that time to get any justifiable amount of sewing done .... especially since we needed to be up early in the morning for gymnastics,  and the floors needed to be cleaned (normally Friday job) before I went into the city to do some scrap-booking at the (pre-paid for) mass-scrapping event.  At least I got 3 pages almost scrapped, and got to spend time with my sister.

I did, however get two granny squares (for my daughter's dolly blanket) made last night, and another larger one & 1/2 made today (this for a scarf for another cousin), so I have gotten a little craft-work in this weekend.

Next month - I promise myself I will be more organised!! (I may even try to forgo my daughter's nap as this generally means she is ready for bed around sunset - instead of 8 or 9 at night ... sometimes 10 or 11 if I haven't stayed with her!)

Here's hoping for a more craftier week a-coming!  I have 5.2 drawings to complete and send off, then that unit will be finished.  I need to make at least one 12 inch block for a swap tomorrow (basic, as it will be my first ever pieced block, lol).  And I will try to commit to a good 4-5 hours of sewing/hexi-prep over the weekend.

**This post is linked with Heidi's May FNSI post if you are interested in checking out what the others have gotten up to - many of them so much more than I, lol**

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