Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Quick Check-In...

Hi y'all.

I thought I might pop in and say 'hello', lol.  I have been rather busy over the last few weeks trying to complete my portfolio for the remainder of my drawing unit @ uni.  Actually, to be fair, I've been procrastinating and putting this off to the side, but not doing much else.  Why?  Well, these last few weeks I've been supposed to draw -- the human image.  Now, don't get me wrong - there are some very good artists who can draw exceptionally good images of people ... I'm just not one of them.  I never have and never will be able to draw a picture of a person which looks closer to reality than the average primary school child.  A little better than a stick figure ... but nothing close to accurate.   And getting those proportions right??  - Forget about it!!!  Lol.

Unfortunately this means that I have another six drawings (I did one very rough, gestural drawing last night), three more of which need to be of people - one of a head - and then another three of varying things, needing to arrive next Friday down south.  I am seriously considering sending my lecturer a request for an extension - or at the very least an email letting her know that while I may be able to get it in the post by next Friday, I don't believe they will be arriving by that date.  At least I only have this assessment task left - then on to so writing subjects!  Yay!  Much better in those!

Anyway, craft wise I don't have a lot going on.  I bought three template patterns today at the local patchwork & quilting shop: the drunkard's path, flower templates and a Hanabi (fireworks) templates set.  I am thinking the drunkard's path might work for the H2H quilt, but not quite sure yet.

I've also been working on some granny squares for a little blanket my daughter can use for her dolly's - she will be 3 in 5 weeks (Yikes!).  I only just learnt how to make this block the other weekend, so it has been interesting, though I seem to be able to pick up fairly easy patterns and just run with them without having to check the pattern every so often.  I am using a mix of three variegated yarns by Carnival.  Just something bright and cheery.  Nothing fancy, lol.  I have 10 made - 6 to go.

For FNSI tomorrow night I am thinking I will work on my 12 inch block swap for this month (yes, a little behind, but if I can get this made tomorrow it will be in the post on Monday), and cut out some hexi's for the Vignette Hexagon Quilt.  Either that or I will get started on a couple of flannelette long pyjamas  for my daughter and my cousin's son.  The weather is getting chilly here and I think the kids will be needing them soon!

Toodiloo for now - will update on the weekend how my FNSI went!  How's your week been?

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Linda said...

Keep practicing on the human figure drawing. Practice helps train you eye to see what is really there and not what your brain tells you is there! (Does that make sense? Our brain overrides our eyes a lot of the time and we put things in drawings just because we think it is there when it isn't. That's why we draw brown tree bark when it is usually gray, for instance.) Also learn to look at the "negative space" around the figure. That helps you get it down, too. You can do it!

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