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*Reeally* late L&A update [wk5] & Goals

Living & Active

This last week I've been challenged health-wise once again - this time with a on-and-off migraine, sinus congestion & sore throat, all of which culminated with me losing my voice over the weekend (and not really getting it back until yesterday, though its still a little off) ... BUT ... with the help of Nurofen plus, and a nearby bucket (Thurs & Fri, lol!) I was able to workout 4 days last week!  I also did more stuff with my daughter this last week too, which was great!!  I have now successfully completed the fourth week of this challenge, including my fourth week of doing four or more days of exercise.

Week Four's results :

Exercise - Last week we worked out a total of four nights - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.  This was the second week of level two.  By the end of the week I was super pooped (though that *could* have been due to the fact that I wasn't well!!) but I was able to do more of the workout, and keep going longer, with heavier weights.  I didn't add in any extra workouts as it was super hot during the day,  and we ended up working out during the evenings from Tuesday.
Wednesday was out as my migraine was horrible (day one) .. and so instead we went through and sorted my fabric stash, pulling out some items I can get rid of as I really can't see myself using them.  We also worked out a plan for the next month, workout-wise ... boy are we going to *die*!!!

Memory Verse - A beautiful verse - and definitely something good to always remember!!
"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" ~ Proverbs 4:23
Diet & Weight Loss Goals - No weight lost.  Eating habits still shocking.  Blah.

Week Five's plans :

Exercise - This week we have started doing level three of Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  Oh boy - am I *dying* or what?!!  Today I was even a little sick when doing the super mans!!! We worked out on Monday (level 2 ... wanted to get in the full "10 days"), Wednesday & tonight (level 3 both nights) and will do level 3 again tomorrow night to get in the four days this week.  Depending on how I am feeling on the weekend (and how much work around the house & sewing I actually achieve tomorrow!), I *may* also do a workout on Saturday.  

Tuesday I ended up going around to BFF's place to help her scrub her repurposed kitchen ready for the builders to see to determine measurements/fitting for their new house.  I was there two hours, in a squat/standing-bent-over-with-my-bottom-in-the-air-so-as-not-to-touch-the-filthy-verandah :) position the entire time, scrubbing these filthy drawers & cupboard doors (they weren't cleaned by the previous owners, and then stored in a storage unit for 11 months... we had to use jif!!), and refilling the bucket with fresh water as needed ... it may not have been a Jillian workout, but I sure was sore, stiff and tired by the time I had to head home!!!

*Not* looking forward to the following week though, as we our third workout buddy is joining back in after giving her knee a rest, and so we will be doing level 3 at my place, then heading out to her's to do level 1 *cue utter exhaustion*!! lol!

Memory Verse -  A big one ...
"May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.  May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ"                   ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:23
Diet & Weight Loss Goals - I have decided to forgoe the grand plans, and just aim for working on my water intake to begin with ... next week I'll *up* my vegetable soup and protein intake (rather than carbs & stuff I really shouldn't be consuming if I'm wanting to lose weight!!).  So my goal this week is to drink at least 4 cups of water each day ... bearing in mind that the cups I usually drink out of hold approx. 450mls of water - so 4 cups brings me close to 2L.  

This week's Goals

I did shockingly when it comes to achieving my goals last week.  Much of it was due to the fact that I'd left much of it to the latter part of the week ... and then I fell ill and didn't feel like doing much of anything.  Unfortunately when I get sick, I also usually get *really* lethargic and have no energy! 
I am linking up with Crystal's weekly goal setting post again.

Last week's goals ...


1. Work out 5 days this week, doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred, Level 2.  Nope.  Only 4 days (as explained above)

2. Cook dinner 4 nights ... most meals should cover two evenings as we will only have two adults & one child eating here this week.  As we had so many leftovers (and I tend to cook pretty sizeable meals, lol), and DD & I went out on Saturday night,  I only had to cook twice this last week.


3. Spend time in God's Word every day.  Most days, not everyday.

4. Memorise memory verse (above); Keep working on remembering the memory verses from earlier weeks.  Done.  Beautiful verse!!


5. Write and post three blog posts.  Nope.  Just the one I'm afraid.

6. Paint my toe nails, and follow my skincare regime everyday (I've been getting slack!).  Bright fire-engine red ... but not a half hour later I wanted to remove it as one of the big toes was smudged, and another was slightly 'chipped' ... they're still on, but every time I look down at my feet I see where they're not *perfect* - probably why I usually go au-natural when it comes to my nails, lol!!

7. Finish 8 blocks for the "Some Kind of Wonderful" SAL quilt, have 4 more at least ready for needle turn appliqué to begin.  Unfortunately none as yet.

8. Finish and send "Welcome" mini and 3 QBSA blocks to appropriate partners [all late].  Nope, not yet ... but I only have a little stitching + sandwiching/quilting/binding left on the mini to go ... and the fabrics ready for the blocks.  I hope to have all these ready for Monday's mail.


9. Stay on top of the laundry, 'weekly' house cleaning & daily garden watering. Surprisingly, yes!

10. Finish going through drawers containing cross-stitch magazines & DD's birth/day cards - put cards into scrapbook. Not a chance!!

Mothering / Child

11. Take DD to a movie this week ... her first EVER!!!  We actually went twice - Monday it was Madagascar 3 with a cousin & her little boy; Tuesday we saw Tinkerbell 4 with my sister & BFF (w/ children).  I also took her to play mini golf for the first time on Saturday night as we'd been invited to a friends' 30th birthday party at a mini golf/golfing/archery centre.  She *loved*it!! ... Though she kept calling it a "goal" when she got the ball in the hole, lol!  SOO fun to watch!! ... Oh, and she even got a hole in one!!!  As we were leaving she told me "that was a great day Mummy!"

12.  Get DD in bed by 7:30pm most nights, 8pm at the latest (except Monday night as she will be accompanying me to my Bible Study as my usual babysitters are on holidays).  Nope.  We did achieve it twice though!

This week's goals ...


1. Work out 5 days this week, starting @ Level 2 doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred, ending the week with Level 3.

2. Drink four glasses, ice-cold water, every day.


3. Memorise memory verse (above); Keep working on remembering the memory verses from earlier weeks.


4. Write and post three blog posts.

5. Finish and send "Welcome" mini.

6. Finish and send four QBSA blocks.

7. Finish 10 SKoW blocks.

8. Make a haircut appointment for next week.


9. Go through the fridge - clean out & re-organise.  

10. Declutter & organise 3 hot-areas in my room.

Mothering / Child

11. Teach DD how to play "Guess Who" Junior.

12. Take DD to kindygym Saturday morning.

What are your plans for this week? ... Here's hoping we both have a great week!!!

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