Wednesday, 31 October 2012

SKoW Update

Unfortunately I have not been able to complete the top, let alone my version of this amazing quilt, as our planned timeline has laid out.  I am so sorry for letting the ladies all down, and I am truly sorry that this will be a contributing factor if Chooky decides not to begin another Sew-A-Long - I have enjoyed seeing the progress of each participant in this SAL, and will miss watching them grow if this is the case.  I DO however pledge that I will continue with this quilt - and my goal, however extreme, is to have it done by the end of November.  I am determined to commit to working on this for at least a couple of hours each evening, in order to achieve this goal.

So, I believe that an update on where I'm at is in order.

I spent an evening printing out copies of all of the remaining pages in triplicate, saving one as a frame-of-reference for the stitchery elements (as I have no lightbox as yet, I am relying on sunlight, windows & masking tape to line up everything 'just so') ...

the other copies were used to cut up the different appliqué elements, and then laminated.
I have left them uncut at the moment, ready to separate as needed.  I then keep all the pieces for each block separated in their own ziplock baggies.

I have only been able to complete three new blocks since I last updated.  
I am using the needle-turn appliqué method ... which has contributed to making this process long.

My daisy [Jan] ...

My chocolates - yum [Jan]!  
I chose to use a silver sparkly metallic thread for the stitching on four of these chocs, just to make them look even more extra yummy!!!

My ice-cream [Feb].

My hot chocolate block is prepped and ready for it's needle turn and stitchery - tonight's task!!

And all my finished blocks together ... I still have one block left of December (since I decided to change the cupcakes to pavlova ... I have finally found a pic for this, and will also be prepping this tonight, along with all the July & Aug blocks).

I even have my pellon all cut and ready to size for all my remaining 17 blocks.  And some squares for the strips - though only creams have been cut as yet.  Although I did start with one range of fabrics, I have started adding others ... and with my perfectionist streak on overdrive, I want need to make sure I include some of each fabric in the coloured blocks.  As a result, I am leaving this until after I have finished the blocks - or at least until I have finished the first two rows.

So, that's where I'm at.  I am so upset with myself to have fallen so far behind - but yes, I will get there!!  My next uni course begins in December, and I have decided that I want this quilt finished before I start my studies!!


Kat said...

I've never joined a SAL because I know I'd probably bite off more than I could chew.... but your blocks look beautiful! I have never tried the turned applique because it look so difficult, but your blocks look so beautiful!

Chookyblue...... said...

keep progressing blocks you have done so far look fantastic........esp the chocolates....

Sisbabestitches said...

Wow you have everything organised so well. Good luck with working on it as you can this month. Your blocks are so cute

Lisa said...

they look fabulous ! super cute xo

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